Mission Statement

CYT@school is devoted to introducing performing arts to children, one school at a time, by providing a high-quality experience that is educational and enjoyable.


Many schools have had to cut their arts programs, so CYT@school is dedicated to bringing an affordable, after school program to your school. It is developed to support the performing arts training in public and private schools. Research has shown that performing arts helps students gain confidence, build leadership skills and develop a sense of community. CYT wants to ensure that students everywhere have an opportunity to experience theater arts.

Our program consists of 8 weeks of drama, voice and dance which offer sound theater art instruction while also building character. All participating students will perform in an end-of-session showcase that is literature-based while still being very popular with students. Our teachers are enthusiastic, fun, positive role models who lead and inspire.

CYT curriculum is based on visual and performing arts content standards for California public schools, Pre-K thru grade 12. There are two components to our program: one is introducing many of the California theatre content standards, and the second is to apply those standards in a performance showcase for family and friends. CYT is certified through the San Diego County Office of Education's CA Arts Standards.

Our Spring 2019 Session is open for Registration!

Current Classes:

Class: Age: Chapter: Location: Day: Time: Start: End:
Allen Elementary 6-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Allen Elementary Fri 1:50pm - 3:30pm Apr 12 May 31
Boulder Oaks Elementary 6-11 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Boulder Oaks Tue 3:15pm - 4:45pm Apr 02 Jun 04
Cajon Park School 6-14 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Cajon Park Mon 1:45pm - 3:20pm Apr 01 Jun 10
Chet F. Harritt School 6-14 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Chet F Harritt Elementary Tue 1:45pm - 3:20pm Apr 02 Jun 04
Fuerte Elementary 6-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Fuerte Elementary Mon 1:10pm - 2:40pm Apr 01 Jun 10
Hearst Elementary 6-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Hearst Elementary Mon 2:25pm - 3:55pm Apr 01 May 20
Hickman Elementary 6-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Hickman Elementary Mon 2:30pm - 4:00pm Apr 01 May 20
Hill Creek School 6-14 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Hill Creek Thu 1:45pm - 3:30pm Apr 04 Jun 06
Holmes School 6-14 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Holmes Elementary Wed 12:40pm - 2:10pm Apr 10 May 29
Jamacha Elementary 6-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Jamacha Elementary Tue 2:10pm - 3:40pm Apr 02 Jun 04
Jamul School 7-14 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Jamul Elementary Thu 3:00pm - 4:30pm Apr 04 Jun 05
Lakeview Elementary 6-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Lakeview Elementary Wed 1:10pm - 2:40pm Apr 03 May 29
Longfellow School 6-14 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Longfellow Elementary Fri 3:40pm - 5:10pm Apr 05 May 31
Marvin Elementary 6-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Marvin Elementary Thu 2:20pm - 3:50pm Apr 04 May 23
Mater Dei Juan Deigo Elementary 6-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Mater Dei Juan Diego Fri 1:10pm - 2:40pm Mar 15 May 31
Olympic View Elementary 6-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Olympic View Elementary Thu 2:40pm - 4:20pm Apr 11 May 30
Our Lady of Grace School 6-14 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Our Lady of Grace Thu 3:05pm - 4:35pm Mar 28 May 30
Poinsettia Elementary 6-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Poinsettia Elementary Wed 2:45pm - 4:15pm Mar 20 May 08
School of the Madeleine 6-14 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
School of the Madeleine Wed 2:55pm - 4:40pm Mar 20 May 15
Spreckels Elementary 6-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Spreckels Elementary Wed 12:30pm - 2:00pm Apr 10 May 29
St. Gregory the Great 6-14 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
St. Gregory the Great Tue 2:40pm - 4:10pm Mar 19 May 14
St. Martin of Tours- Thursday 9-14 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
St. Martin of Tours Academy - Thursdays Thu 2:40pm - 4:10pm Apr 04 May 16
St. Martin of Tours- Tuesdays 6-10 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
St. Martin of Tours Academy- Tuesdays Tue 2:40pm - 4:10pm Apr 02 May 16
St. Therese School 6-14 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
St. Therese Academy Tue 3:20pm - 4:50pm Apr 02 May 28
St. Vincent School 6-14 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
St. Vincent Tue 2:55pm - 4:25pm Apr 02 May 28
Standley Middle School 11-15 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Standley Middle Wed 1:50pm - 3:20pm Apr 03 May 22
Sycamore Canyon Elementary 6-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Sycamore Canyon Elementary Thu 1:15pm - 2:45pm Mar 21 May 30
Tierra Bonita Elementary 6-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Tierra Bonita Elementary Mon 2:15pm - 3:45pm Mar 25 May 20
Turtleback Elementary 7-12 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Turtleback Elementary Fri 1:00pm - 2:30pm Apr 05 May 31
Twin Peaks Middle 11-15 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Twin Peaks Middle School Wed 3:20pm - 4:50pm Mar 20 May 15
Winter Gardens Elementary 5-7 CYT@school
(Spring 2019)
Winter Gardens Elementary Wed 1:00pm - 2:15pm Apr 03 May 29

"Most of all, (the children) presented their best with joy. I knew you had a great program, I just never knew the impact it could have on my 2 little girls… Thank you for the opportunity."

Shelly Almquist, Parent at Faith Community School

For Schools

Want CYT at your school? Check out our options to find what works best for your school!

In-Residence Program
• Part of the curriculum
• During school hours
• By quarter, semester and/or or year-long
• School funded

After School Program
• Those interested sign up through our website
• Meets after school (once or twice a week)
• Typically offered in 8 week sessions 
• Family-paid

Contact the CYT@school Director at rechelle@cytsandiego.org if you have any questions about bringing CYT@school to your school!

For Parents

Fun Facts about CYT@school
• Started in 2005
• Partnered with 60 different schools county-wide
• Has reached over 12,000 students
• Works with preschool through high school-aged kids
• In public and private schools

Have Questions?
Check out answers to our Frequently Asked Questions or
e-mail our CYT@school Associate Director, Robyn Rebold-Smith, at robyn@cytsandiego.org or call (619) 588-0206 x531.

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CYT San Diego is a proud member of AERO.

AERO San Diego exists as a community of arts organizations that work together to create a culture of arts education within county public schools through networking, advocating, evaluating and supporting high quality standards based programs.  For more information about AERO, go to aerosd.sdcoe.net.