Welcome To CYT Online!

CYT Online is a way to experience CYT Classes virtually from the comfort of your own home. We introduced this unique opportunity to learn more about theater arts and building character during Spring 2020.

CYT Online is a place where students received unlimited access to both Pre-Recorded Courses & Live Courses, geared for all ages. We encourage you to take advantage of each and every class that is right for YOU!


By registering for CYT Online, you will have access to ALL of our Pre-Recorded Courses as well as our Live Courses offered by various CYT San Diego Teaching Artists. Each of our individual courses provide a different level of learning. These courses are geared for all ages and we encourage you to explore every one of them! 

Pre-Recorded Courses

Pre-Recorded Courses are available everyday during a session. These courses will be provided to you by a private video link to the Callboard on the Registration Page, and can be watched over and over.

* Mini Musicals
* Musical Improv
* Garage Band: Edit your Audition Track
* Basics of American Sign Language
* Dance Call Back Prep
* iMovie: Edit your Audition Video
* Tap Warm Up: to Hamilton's "My Shot"
* Intro to Sight Singing/Music Theory
* Let's Play
* Script Analysis: Peter & the Starcatcher
* Jazz: A Beginners Guide

* Puppetry
* Sound Design
* Stage Make-Up
* Disney Magic
* Audition Prep

Live Courses

Live Courses will be scheduled on specific dates/times during a CYT session. These courses will also include a Q&A portion with various teachers.

* Re-Imagining Creativity
* Garage Band Q&A
* Song Writing
* Basics of American Sign Language Q&A
* Advanced Song Study
* Script Analysis Q&A
* Fundamentals Of Storytelling
* Crafting The Sound
* Audition Prep- Submit your Video and LIVE Q&A
* iMovie Q&A
* Musical Improv Q&A
* Introduction to Sight Singing/Musical Improv Q&A
* Sound Design Q&A