CYT+ (plus) is a full-production event for artists ages 8-24, focused on mounting new works to strengthen performance and technical theater skills. By encouraging collaboration from an extended age range, CYT+ creates a unique experience for its participants who will give input into the creative process through intensive-style rehearsals and performances.

About CYT+

In Summer 2018, CYT produced its first ever CYT+ (plus) show, Alice: A Wonder-Full Musical.  Created by alumnus Jon Lorenz, this original work parallels the theme of Lewis Carroll’s famous story, Alice in Wonderland. Alice follows the whimsical tale of a girl whose curiosity propels herself into a wild world of imagination, with a fresh and enthralling approach. 

Being involved in this new original work gave our participants an opportunity to be more creative and collaborate with a seasoned artistic team.

Please check back for information on more CYT+ shows!  In the meantime, here is some more information about CYT+!

1. Why has the age of eligibility changed?
If you've ever been part of the process of mounting a brand new show, you'll know it’s not the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of flexibility, patience, and fast learning. We felt that by broadening the audition age, we can allow our college-age artists to bring their experience and maturity to the creation process.

2. Why 24?  
24 is the average age to complete college. 24 is the new 18!

3. Will there still be parts available for the younger kids and tweens?
Yes! The goal of youth theater is to involve as many ages as possible. With this in mind, we always want to choose shows that meet this goal. We aren't excluding anyone; just widening the net.

4. Will the rehearsal or show schedule be changing?
Nope! Everything will be the same. Within the CYT+ framework, the rehearsal run will be shorter and more intense than a traditional CYT production. It will feel collaborative and engaging.

5. Are conflicts accepted?
Yes, but within reason. Let us know on your audition form and we'll let you know if there's an issue.

6. Is there a cost to participate?
Yes. There is a production fee of $190 if cast in the show.  There is no requirement to take a class or camp. Limited scholarships are available.

7. What is the commitment required from parents?
If cast, you, a family member, or friend will be required to serve a minimum of 20 hrs on a show committee.