CYT San Diego offers hundreds of Props for most of the best-known musical theater shows - including hand props, furniture, and those “must-haves” (Gaston’s Boar Head Chair in Beauty and the Beast for example) .  

CYT San Diego’s ongoing mission is to provide our United States-based clients with quality, show-specific  and themed properties for every venue at the right budget.

All prop rentals require an appointment with our rental coordinator.  Please contact us at 619-588-0206 x501 or at  Additionally, all rentals require the completion of a Scenic Rental Policy & Request.

Props By Type:

    Trunks                  Fireplaces
    Crates                   Fountains                                
    Stools                    Carts
    Chairs                   Rocks / Plants      
    Sofas                     Columns and Lampposts
    Benches               Windows
    Thrones               Doors
    Wheelchairs      Fences
    Tables                   Podiums    

Prop By Theme:

Animals                                  Ship
School                                    Bedroom
Kitchen                                  Office
City                                          Western

Show Specific

Little Shop of Horrors                                                             James & The Giant Peach
Thoroughly Modern Millie                                                    Elf!
Lion King                                                                                         Beauty & The Beast
         - Rising Sun                                                                                 - Gaston's Boar Head Chair
         - Pride Rock                                                                                - Chip's Tea Cart
         - Pride Rock Assembly Instructions                              - Maurice's Invention
         - Elephant Graveyard                                                            - "The Rose" with glass case

You can also see the full prop, drop, and set inventory by show by clicking the link below.