Find Your Character

What does “character development” look like for CYT?

At CYT, we understand that “good character” needs a north star. What truly defines good character? What do we use as the guide to explain “character development”? The answer is simple. All character development is rooted in reflecting Jesus. Reflect means to show an image of or to embody in a faithful way. We are teaching students how to reflect Christ in their words and in their actions. Simply put, character development is becoming more like Christ.

The Find Your Character Project filters tools and resources through three lenses: the CYT Mission Statement, the CYT Values, and CYT’s Triple Threat (Character, Culture, Craft).

Christian Youth Theater develops character and creativity through quality theater arts training that brings families and communities together while reflecting Jesus.

  • Character over Competition 
  • People over Programs
  • Service over Spotlight
  • Excellence over Ego

Character | HOW we do what we do - We focus on placing values that teach Christ-like character traits throughout each interaction at CYT.

Culture | WHY we do what we do - Our culture is vibrant, imaginative, inclusive, and uplifting. Though CYT may not be for everyone, everyone is invited, and all are welcome.

Craft | WHAT we do - We produce quality productions, classes, and camps holding a high standard of excellence in everything that we do.

Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

CYT is passionate and committed to supporting, sustaining, and encouraging a safe, creative community where all are welcome, seen, and valued. All those participating at CYT are charged to hold to their personal convictions while simultaneously demonstrating grace and compassion to ALL they encounter, regardless of religious or political differences.

CYT is an educational nonprofit not associated with any specific church or denomination. All are welcomed and encouraged to participate and are not required to adopt any specific religious beliefs.

CYT is committed to creative and diverse programming, the continued development of practices and strategies that serve many unique needs, and the continued improvement and expansion of diversity in and for the CYT community.