How can I help? At CYT there are many ways to get involved including Volunteering as well as helping financially. Giving to CYT means life change, and it all starts with people like you! Below you will find the various ways that you can support our Mission through our Values.
  • People over Programs
  • Character over Competition
  • Excellence over Ego
  • Service over Spotlight

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"Standing O" Society

The CYT “Standing O” Society is part of our commitment to excellence and provides support that CYT can count on! Members of the “Standing O” Society are people or businesses who support CYT with a monthly monetary gift. That support is vital to the financial health of CYT and helps us continue to provide training in the arts in an atmosphere of excellence.  Just click on the button below and make your donation a "recurring payment" of $25.00 or more.
Building a strong community is our desire but not everyone can afford the opportunity to participate in our programming. It costs $1,500 for one student to participate in a full year of CYT with our Classes, Camps and Shows. We never want to turn anyone away and we continue to grant scholarships to families in need. You can give to our general Sponsorship Fund and help students build their character on and off the stage.

To donate to our General Sponsorship Fund, select People as your donation designation.
Our desire at CYT is to develop Character on the stage through Classes, Camps and Shows as well as off the stage with our Find Your Character Project.

Your gift will go toward things like: 
  • Scripts & Performance Tracks
  • Educational Support Materials
  • Teacher Training & Mentorship
To donate, select Character as your donation designation.
State of the art equipment is needed to support our quality productions while holding a high standard of excellence in everything that we do. From singing, acting, dancing, blocking and stagecraft, it takes an ensemble of individuals to pull off the magic of live theater.

Your gift will go towards things like:
  • Microphones
  • Costumes
  • Sets
  • Technical Equipment
  • Scissor Lift
To donate, select Excellence as your donation designation.
CYT continues to partner with local schools and non profit organizations to help support their efforts with the arts.

Your gift helps offer:
  • Custom Sets
  • Custom Props
  • Custom Costumes
  • And More!
To donate, select Service as your donation designation.

Make Our Dreams Come True

CYT is always in need of miscellaneous items to help us keep our programming running. You can help us by purchasing those items for us on our Amazon Wishlist, make a purchase, and make a difference.

We also accept used items in good working order if they are similar to an item on our list.
If you have any questions about our Amazon Wishlist, or the process around it, please email 

"At CYT I've made friendships that will last a lifetime and I've learned valuable lessons and skills that I will never forget"

A CYT San Diego Student

More Than Just A Show!

CYT's programs are about so much more than musical theater! We are dedicated to developing character in children and adults one stage at a time.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are able to serve our community by providing quality, affordable educational programs, and productions. However, ticket sales and class tuition are not sufficient to cover the cost of delivering top-notch programming.

A gift to CYT is an investment in an established, family-oriented organization that helps provide young people a safe, wholesome environment and skills to make better life choices so that they become positive, contributing members of their community. CYT also allows young people to explore the arts in an atmosphere that nurtures their inner creativity while developing their character.

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