Here in the Grease Cast Hub you will find all of the information you need regarding schedules, music, demo videos, Safety Protocols, Parent Production Teams, things you can purchase and more! Be sure to click on each rehearsal on the calendar. This will open the view and you can see who is called to attend once the rehearsal schedule has been made.

Grease Rehearsal & Show Schedule

No Phone Zone

In an effort to keep students safe and to eliminate distraction, CYT is a no phone zone.  If you wish for your child to have a phone so they can get ahold of you if needed, students will be able to leave them with our Admin Leadership, in our No Phone Zone pouches and can come use it with adult supervision as needed.

Activities such as Board Games are provided by CYT in an effort to provide safe and engaging activities during any downtime. 

Dress Code

Please abide by the following guidelines for CYT Programming. If a student arrives wearing clothes that do not align with our dress code, we will ask them to call home so parents can bring them a change of clothes.
  • Shirts must cover midriff when raising arms and must not reveal cleavage or have violent graphics. No cut off shirts allowed. 
  • Shorts must be a modest length. No short dance shorts. Shirts must not be longer than the length of the shorts.
  • Shoes must be comfortable to dance in.
  • If wearing a dress or skirt, please wear shorts underneath for choreography.

Snacks & Merch

We will have snacks, hot food (microwavable instant ramen and things like that) and water bottles for sale and they are $1.00 each.  We will also have a few merchandise items (stickers and a few other small items) for $1.00 - $5.00 each.

You can purchase a CYT Gift Card and put any amount on that card for your student to use.  We accept cash and cards.  You can add funds to an existing card at drop off for rehearsals. You can check your balance as needed with the provided link but there is no feature to add funds online at this time.

Parent Production Teams

Once the National Background Check & LiveScan report have been received, you have completed the Child Safety Training and submitted the Certificate and all Forms, you will receive our Production Team t-shirt.  All Volunteers wear these while they are serving as it communicates to other parents, students and staff that you are cleared to serve.

*Additional Production Team T-Shirts are available for purchase in your Family Account for $10.  Please select which size you are ordering.  Only individuals who have completed the LiveScan & Child Safety Training will be able to receive the T-shirt.

We are now offering Production Team SWEATSHIRTS! You can also order these for $35.00 in your Family Account.

If you are unsure if you have been cleared to serve or if we still need anything from you, please click the "Volunteer Status" button and you will be able to see where you are at in this process. If it says NOT CLEARED- STILL NEED ITEMS, this means we have received SOME of your information but not all. If it is BLANK, this means you have not submitted anything at all and we are waiting for you to begin the process. This information will be updated periodically.

Most Teams are volunteering the week of Tech Rehearsal and throughout the Show. You will need to choose 2-3 shows to serve at and 1-2 shows to attend (watch in the audience). You will need to choose between opening and closing show as one of your ticketing times to watch.

Make Our Dreams Come True!

CYT is always in need of miscellaneous items to help us keep our programming running. You can help us by purchasing those items for us on our Amazon Wishlist, make a purchase, and make a difference.

We also accept used items in good working order if they are similar to an item on our list.
If you have any questions about our Amazon Wishlist, or the process around it, please email robyn@cytsandiego.org 
Please be familiar with all of CYT's Safety Protocols.  These are for Staff, Volunteers and Students to follow.