Janie Cox | Co-Director & Choreographer

Janie has worked on numerous shows directing, choreographing, or costuming. Putting a show together from start to finish is an exhilarating and challenging experience but she enjoy's every creative aspect of the process. 

Megs Levi | Co-Director

Megs is a boutique photographer by day and a passionate theatre teacher by night! In both of her fields of expertise Megs is intensely passionate about bringing out the best in what people have to offer. 

"It's more than what we do, it's how loved we make people feel while we're doing it."

Marissa Branca | Assistant Director

Marissa fell in love with musical theater playing an Indian in CYT's 1986 (?) production of Peter Pan.  Over the years she has played many roles both at the community and professional theater levels. Marissa is not only a CYT/CCT Alumni, but she also sits on the CYT San Diego Board (2019.)  Marissa is so grateful to the Russels for creating a place for her to grow in spirit and in confidence. Marissa is especially inspired to help CYT kids bring their gifts to the world! 

Carolyn McClaskey | Musical Director

Carolyn began her theatrical journey with CYT at the tender age of eight, performing in CYT Central's very first production. Over the years she has had the privilege of being a director, teaching artist, and camp counselor/administrator.  Although her roles within the company change, her admiration and joy for the mission of CYT always remain the same: to build character on and off the stage. Carolyn holds a B.A. in English, and a teaching credential from the University of San Diego. She is pursuing her Master’s in Educational Theater and the Arts from Adelphi University. Theater and education are her two passions. She is a firm believer in what the arts can do for self-esteem and development. She strives to give her students access, exposure, skill, and appreciation for all aspects of theater arts.

Jonny Albert | Intern

Jonny found musical theater and CYT at the age of 17, and he absolutely loves it! 
He has performed in 3 CYT shows with the role of Gomez Addams being his favorite! But most of all he loves the wonderful friendships and the outstanding community at CYT, and that’s why he is super excited to work with the directors and the cast on his first production as an intern-director!