We couldn't do it without you!! To put on a production, we need all parents to help by being involved on a parent committee. Below are descriptions of duties and notes about the timeframe when your help will be needed.



Assist crew members with planning set changes during dress rehearsals and productions. Maintain crowd control; keep kids quiet and orderly backstage during show. Wear basic black.

Timeframe: Dress rehearsal week and all shows; can divide up time among committee members.

Cast Meals

Plan, organize and implement meals for the cast, crew and Artistic Team.

Timeframe: Some Saturday rehearsals, tech week dinner each night and Strike Party.  Can divide up time among committee members.


Assist the Costumer in locating costume pieces, and in sewing necessary additional costumes. Enjoy thrift store shopping, sewing, and/or altering clothes. Help with any necessary costume repairs during the show. Help facilitate collection of all costumes after strike. You do not need to be able to sew to be an asset to the costume committee! Ask your costumer how! 

Timeframe: During rehearsals through end of show, can divide up time among committee members.


The Greenroom is the designated area for performers to remain when not on stage. Make musical synopsis, clean-up charts and circulate supervision sheet to make sure each rehearsal and show is covered. Need to be a good disciplinarian – maintain quiet and order between scenes. Create simple activities for actors in the Greenroom. Award prizes for Greenroom activities at the Strike Party (optional).

Timeframe: Dress rehearsal week and all shows; divide up time among committee members.

Hair & Makeup

Help implement the director's vision for makeup for kids in the show. Attend dress rehearsals and shows to help with makeup and hair.

Timeframe: Dress rehearsal week and all shows; can divide up time among committee members.


Takes photos of the students during rehearsals, and dress rehearsals; helps process parents’ orders for photos. Takes photos for the program and the bio boards for the lobby; Takes photos of sets, props, and costumes to create a technical record of the show.

Timeframe: Throughout the run of the show.

House Management

Must enjoy dealing with people and money. Work the box office, process will call, assist patrons with ticketing issues, sell tickets, set up and ushers for all performances.

Timeframe: During show; can split up time among committee members.


Assist in the collection of necessary information for the show program. Proofreading skills are helpful. 

Timeframe: Rehearsals.


Gather props from the prop list (provided by Director or CC). Search garage sales and thrift stores for treasures and/or be creative at making additional props. Supervise prop table during dress rehearsals and shows.

Timeframe: Before show searching/building; dress rehearsal week and during show checking to make sure props are there and in order; after show, return props to CYT and put away; can divide up time among committee members.

Public Relations

Use CYT branded materials and your winning personality to publicize the show in the community!  Supervise the publicity table and student tours during shows. 

Timeframe: Before and during shows; can divide up time among committee members.


Plan and purchase refreshments and supplies. Set up before the show, sell refreshments during intermission, then clean up the refreshment area. 

Timeframe: Before opening to buy items; shows: before show and at intermission; can divide up time between committee members.


Attend a workday at the CYT Production Shop, load out sets before dress rehearsal. Unload sets at the theater, construct sets onsite. Help make repairs as needed during the run of the show. Strike the sets after the performance and return them to CYT.

Timeframe: Before show opens, dress rehearsal week as needed, and after show closes.

Special Activities

Plan and supervise raffle, souvenir booth, and additional activities as selected.

Timeframe: Before and during shows to create and implement fundraisers


Help set up and supervise sound and/or lighting during the run of the show. You can specify if lighting or sound is your area of expertise. Attend a workday at the CYT production shop to pull equipment. 

Timeframe: Before the show, to become familiar with equipment; during dress rehearsals and shows to supervise students working sound and lights.