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CYT Musical Theater Summer Camp is one of the most affordable quality musical theatre camps in California. Campers are placed on a team (red, green, blue etc). In the morning, they rotate with their team to a variety of theater classes including dance, drama & voice taught by qualified instructors. After lunch, summer campers play exciting outdoor games before they come together with all the teams for showcase rehearsal. All campers perform in the musical theater showcase for family and friends at the end of the week, featuring a variety of songs, dances and drama. CYT San Diego also offers an overnight camp for ages 13-18 years.

Teen Camp Summer 2015!


Once upon a bodacious time, in a radical, far-out world known as “the 80s”, there were neon colors, MC Hammer pants, and more pop rocks and twinkies than you could handle! Come slap on your slap bracelet and wear your sunglasses at night, as you rock out to some of the greatest songs and dances of the 80s. There’s only one place where high tops and hypercolor meet musical theater and the best week of your life: At Camp Awesome!

3:00 pm on June 28th Through July 3rd (showcase at 4:00 pm)
Location: Pine Valley Bible Conference Center
                  8668 Pine Creek Rd
                  Pine Valley, Ca 91962
Cost: $400 before May 1st $425 after May 1st


*This camp is for ages 13 to 18

CYT Day Camps 2015!


Are your bags packed? Get ready to sing and dance your way around the world aboard this musical cruise ship. Make stops in exotic lands like Brazil! Madagascar! Australia! Hawaii, and more. And meet the wonderful people who live there along the way! Grab your bags (don’t forget your dancing shoes) and head up the gangplank to Camp All Aboard! Next stop? The best week of your life! 
*This camp is for ages 5 to 10

Locations & Dates:
June 15th -19th @Sweetwater Community Church, 5305 Sweetwater Rd., Bonita, Ca 91902

June 22nd-26th @ St.Paul's Lutheran Church, 1376 Felspar St., San Diego, Ca 92109

July 6th-10th @ Horizon Prep, 6233 El Apajo, Rancho Santa Fe, Ca 92067

July 13th- 17th @ Redeemer Presbyterian, 1831 S. El Camino Real, Encinitas, Ca 92024

August 10th-14th @ Del Cerro Baptist, 5512 Pennsylvania Ave, La Mesa, Ca 91942

August 10th- 14th @ Bethel Baptist, 855 Brotherton Rd., Escondido, Ca 92025

Cost: $205

Tween Day Camp 2015!

Hop on your magic carpet and head to Aladdin Summer Camp! CYT’s original musical Aladdin has a magic Genie, fantastic bad guys, heroic good guys, and a true love story that will touch everyone’s heart. Not only does Aladdin and his helpful Genie outwit the evil Jafar and save Princess Jasmine, but with the help of the Magic Lamp, they put on spectacular production numbers set in the Cave of Wonders, the Baghdad marketplace and the Sultan’s Palace. Come join Aladdin and his gang as he fulfills his three wishes at a fun filled week of CYT Camp!

*This Camp is for ages 9 to 13
Locations & Dates:

July 6th- 10th @ Sweetwater Community Church, 5305 Sweetwater Rd., Bonita, Ca 91902

July 13th- 17th @ Del Cerro Baptist, 5512 Pennsylvania Ave., La Mesa, Ca 91942

July 20th- 24th @ Horizon Prep, 6233 El Apajo, Rancho Santa Fe, Ca 92067

August 3rd- 7th @ Lakeside Middle School, 11833 Woodside Ave., Lakeside, Ca 92040

Cost: $205

Improv Day Camp 2015!

If you enjoy Whoose Line is it Anyway and other forms of Improv Comedy, then this is the camp for you! This camp is designed to teach the building blocks of improv, and to sharpen acting skills in a group setting while learning to perform various improv games and formats. The curriculum for this camp will help you to become a great team player, to get outside your comfort zone, be a better listener, and learn other skills that will help you grow as a performer and a person.
*This camp is for ages 12 to 18

When: July 27th - 31st

Location: Red Door Playhouse, 1545 Pioneer Way, El Cajon, Ca 92020

Cost: $205

Frequently Asked Questions

Day Camp FAQ's:

What happens the first day of camp?

Campers will be greeted by camp staff and are encouraged to join into high energy group games and free- style dancing. Parents will be introduced to our Camp Coordinator and given some important information regarding the week.
Campers will be broken into their color teams and meet their teammates. The first day, we take some time to introduce the campers to their counselors and make them feel welcomed and excited to be at camp, as well as explain behavior expectations. Campers then break into classes in dance, drama and voice. In each class, they will participate in a short and fun "audition". There is no preparation required and we try to keep the auditions exciting and non- threatening.
During class rotations, we also have a short snack time, where campers can either bring or purchase snacks.
Campers then come together for lunch, games, team time & character building activities. Afternoon  rehearsal is next, where campers learn their first big group number.
At the end of the first day campers will be assigned their showcase parts as well as their team songs. EVERY child will be in  the showcase, and some campers will be assigned lines or solos based on their auditions.

Sample Daily Schedule
9:00-9:10       Meet & Greet/Warm Up Activity/Daily Parade/Announcements/Schedule
9:10-9:45      Team Time (class rotation #1)
9:45-10:15     Morning Rehearsal
10:15-10:30    Snack
10:30-11:15    Class Rotation #2
11:15-12:00    Class Rotation #3
12:00-12:30    Lunch
12:30-1:30      Games
1:30-2:45        Afternoon Rehearsal
2:45-3:00        Reminders/Dismissal 
*5 and 6  year olds do not do the class rotation, they have the same team counselor throughout the entire camp. 

How long is the Showcase?
The showcase will range from 25-35 minutes. 

What if my child is upset the first day of camp? Can I stay with them?
We find that at times, especially for younger campers, the first day can be a bit overwhelming. Our staff is equipped to look out for children who may need encouragement to participate. Staff may come over and try to engage your child in opening activities like dances or games or introduce them to other campers. Parents are welcome to stay through opening activities, but once campers break into teams, we've found that mom or dad's presence sometimes makes it more difficult. Almost always, once campers have a few minutes to see what fun camp is, they quickly adjust. Please be assured that if your child is overly upset for an extended period of time, we will contact you.

How will I know who is in charge?
Our teachers and volunteer aides will be wearing a CYT Summer camp shirt. 

Can my child be on a team with a friend?
Yes!  We try to honor as many requests as we can. Just email with your team friend request. Make sure you state in the email your child's first and last name and which camp they are enrolled in. Campers that are age 5 and 6 are on a separate team from the other campers.

What does my child bring?
Day campers will need to bring a sack lunch and we recommend bringing a water bottle & snack money. On water day, bring a towel and swimsuit.  Please apply sun screen before coming to camp and/or send sunscreen with your child and it will be applied. 

Do you have extended care?
CYT does not offer extended care. Pick up for day campers is 3pm.  No campers can arrive before 8:30am. 

Can my child switch teams?
Please let us know your friend request choices ahead of time.  We will switch teams for your child on the first day if there is an urgent need. Campers that are age 5 and 6 are on a separate team from the other campers.

What if my child doesn’t know anyone?
Many of our campers are new to CYT. We encourage a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere where kids will meet new friends. Your child will also have a specific staff person assigned to their team color who can assist in easing the transition.

What should my child wear?
We encourage comfortable dance and play friendly clothing each day. Please encourage your kids to wear close toed shoes with a back of some kind (please no flip flops or clogs).

How do you handle allergies?
Please let us know of any allergies on your enrollment form. Our staff will be alerted to the allergy and maintain a high level of awareness. Medication and directions can be left with  the camp administrator.

Does my child have to participate in water games?
No. But water games are one of the camper's favorite parts of camp!

Is there a nurse on staff?
We do not have a nurse on staff. However, each location has at least one certified first aid/CPR trained staff member.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?
Due to the extreme popularity of our camps, we do not offer refunds or cancellations for any reason except medical or family emergencies.

Can I sign up the first day of camp?
All of our registration is done on- line, so please check for availability.  Many of our camps fill up so we encourage early registration. 

Is there a sibling discount?
Yes! The discount is $10 off of the cost of tuition. 

What about supervision?
Your child’s safety is our utmost concern. Each person hired by CYT has completed a background check, interview, and camp staff training. Every camp location has between 3-4 teams. CYT limits the maximum team number to 22 campers. Each team is assigned an adult staff leader, and we have additional teenage student helpers at each camp. There is also an adult camp administrator for every camp. We try to maintain a supervision ratio of 1 staff per 12-15 kids.

Who do I contact in case of emergency during camp?
On the first day of camp when you drop off your child,you will be provided the contact cell number of your area's camp administrator in case of an emergency.

Do you have to be a Christian to come to CYT?
No. CYT holds to Judeo-Christian values of family, community, leadership and positive encouragement. We welcome all kids of varying faiths, backgrounds and beliefs.

What if my child has special needs?
CYT openly welcomes all children with special needs. Please let us know what the special needs are by filling out the form when registering on line  as well as noting if your child will require additional assistance to participate. CYT will work with you to allow your child to participate. Please give us as much information as possible so we can make your child's experience successful.

Specific questions regarding special needs can be directed to

Overnight Camp FAQ’s

How does the camper request a roommate?
Please make your roommate request  when registrering.  The request must be agreed upon by both campers. We cannot accomodate group roomate situations.

Are the kids supervised? We have plenty of adult supervision.  Each camp teams is assigned a male and female counselor, a team mom, and we also have rotating aides and a Camp Administrator.

What are the accommodations?
Campers stay in cabins. There are 8-10 campers per room, and there is cubby space available. Each cabin is assigned one adult camp staff member.

Do the kids get to have a cell phone?
CYT is not responsible for loss or damage of cell phones. Although they are allowed to have them, there will be times that they must keep cell phones off during rehearsals etc. When you drop your child off for camp you will be given the Camp Administrator and Team Mom cell phone numbers for emergency contact. 

Are the kids allowed to leave camp?
No, however, with prior permission for extreme circumstances, campers may be allowed to leave with a parent for a short period of time. This needs to be approved by the Camp Administrator. You can email with any questions.

What should I bring?
You will be sent a list of what to bring and what not to bring prior to the start of camp.
If you have a question not covered here please email

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