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As a nonprofit organization, all donations to CYT are tax deductible.
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2015 Giving!


CYT's programs are about so much more than musical theater! We are dedicated to developing character in children and adults one stage at a time. Studies show that students who participate in the arts do better in school, stay in school longer and win more academic awards. They are also three times more likely to go to college and become more confident, considerate, pro-social and pro-civic citizens! As arts education continues to decline in schools and less funding is received, CYT San Diego counts it an honor to work with so many students each year to help develop character and the skills for successful futures.

Amy Kennard, CYT Alumnus and current CYT mom, had this to say about her most recent CYT experience:
I tucked my daughter into bed last night with tears in her eyes (typical after the closing show and strike party of any show she's in). But her words this time were different..."I'm so happy...I made it." It wasn't just a sadness about a sweet, sweet memory coming to an end, but a deep gratitude for the support and encouragement she had been given every step of the way.....Our quote in our family for life in general is, "Waiting in hopeful anticipation for just a glimmer of His plan or presence." The fact that my daughter has experienced this through her time at CYT...especially over the past 8 weeks...brings a smile to my face and much gratitude in my heart ONCE AGAIN for each of you!

If CYT has been a blessing to you or your family, we hope you will consider supporting us with an End-of-Year donation so we can continue impacting families around San Diego! This year, CYT San Diego is looking for a new home. We are fundraising for the capital needed to move over 30 years of history from our offices, to our sets and costumes. 
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  • Click here or on the image above to make a one-time contribution to CYT San Diego. You can also commit to a modest monthly contribution of your choice by joining our Standing O Club

CYT San Diego is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. Our programs rely on donations to help us "bridge the gap" between what we earn from ticket sales and class tuition and the operating costs of what it takes to deliver top-notch programming at an affordable rate!

Your Generosity Supports:

• Camps – Reach nearly 1,000 students annually from ages 4 - 18!
Classes – Reach 4,000 children ages 4-18, annually!
CYT@School – Brings our program at an affordable rate into schools that have lost their funding for the arts.
• Shows – Reaches 50,000 patrons annually, bringing qualiy family entertainment to the community!
HYPE – High School Youth Pursuing excellence Leadership program.
Scholarships – Every student is underwritten by a minimum of $20. No child is turned away due to financial need. In 2014 we supported 75 students with scholarships to attend our programs! 
• Matthew Herriman Scholarship Fund  – Honoring students with excellent character.  
School Days – CYT offers field trip opportunities serving almost 40,000 local students annually.

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Other Ways To Contribute

• Donate your vehicle
CYT is pleased to announce a new partnership with CARS™, a national vehicle donation program. This program is a great opportunity for anyone to support CYT’s mission and donate unwanted vehicles.

CARS™ will accept almost anything that is in one piece and towable: cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, planes, ATVs, even farm equipment. Their customer service center is open seven days a week and they have over 1,000 vendors across the U.S., allowing for pick-up of your vehicle at your convenience. Your donation is tax deductible! To donate, log into or call 1-855-500-7433!
We are partnering with an innovative solar company, Sungevity, to raise money for CYT while impacting your bottom line too. By sending Sungevity a request for an iQuote, you will immediately get connected with a solar specialist who will help you understand if your house is eligible to be powered by the sun. And if you go solar through this program, you’ll get a $750 credit from Sungevity.

To date, Sungevity has donated over one million dollars to nonprofit organizations who partnered with them in this program! For more information or to request a quote, click here.
  • Shop with Amazon and they will donate a percentage of your purchase back to CYT!
Click on this link or the logo to give back a portion of your Amazon purchase to CYT! 

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