Disney Channel's smash hit movie musical comes to life on your stage! Troy, Gabriella, and the students of East High must deal with issues of first love, friends, and family while balancing their classes and extra curricular activities. It’s the first day after winter break at East High. The Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians and Skater Dudes find their cliques, recount their vacations, and look forward to the new year. Basketball team captain and resident jock Troy discovers that the brainy Gabriella, a girl he met singing karaoke on his ski trip, has just enrolled at East High. They cause an upheaval when they decide to audition for the high school musical, led by Ms. Darbus. Although many students resent the threat posed to the "status quo," Troy and Gabriella’s alliance might just open the door for others to shine as well.

Song List
  • Wildcat Cheer
  • Start of Something New
  • Get’cha Head in the Game
  • Bop to the Top
  • What I’ve Been Looking For
  • Stick to the Status Quo
  • I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
  • Counting on You
  • When There Was Me and You
  • We’re All in This Together
  • Breaking Free
Artistic Team Members
Directors -  Bethany Allen & Caitlin Davey
Musical Director - Nova Charle
Choreographer - Paul Stine


Dates / Times:

  • Saturday, Mar 3rd @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, Mar 3rd @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, Mar 4th @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, Mar 10th @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, Mar 10th @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, Mar 11th @ 2:00pm

Ticket Prices:

*Ticket prices subject to change.

Star Theater:

402 N. Coast Hwy
Oceanside, CA 92054

Show Notes:

Congratulations to the cast of High School Musical!

We were so impressed with everyone throughout the audition and callback process. You made it very difficult for the Artistic Team to decide. Unfortunately we weren’t able to cast everyone in our show this time and we hope those who weren’t cast this time to continue working on their craft.

Our first rehearsal will be Friday, January 19th 5:15 - 9:15 at Carlsbad Community Church. We will be sending an opening welcome email no later than Tuesday with all the details and which cast members will be called.

Our first mandatory parent meeting will be Saturday, January 20th at 10:30 a.m. (New parent orientation will begin at 10:00 a.m. These will also take place at Carlsbad Community Church.

The poster publicity shoot is scheduled for this Monday, January 15th at the CYT Warehouse in El Cajon. Call time is 3:00. The following characters will be called for this photo shoot: Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay, Chad, Taylor, Kelsi, Zeke, Martha If you are one of these characters, you will receive an email with more specific instructions.

Everyone should be proud of the work they did and we are so excited to bring this awesome show to the stage!

Please note that there are many featured lines and solos which will be assigned during the rehearsal process.

Please hold all calls and text to the Artistic Team until Monday so they can rest.

God bless!


Troy Bolton

  • Josh Bradford

Gabriella Montez

  • Kylie Kennard

Sharpay Evans

  • Natalie Musgrove

Ryan Evans

  • Dean Farella

Ms. Darbus

  • Grayce Britton

Kelsi Nielsen

  • Helena Fuller

Taylor Mckessie

  • Claire Bassett

Chad Danforth

  • Garrett Lee

Zeke Baylor

  • Luke Socha

Martha Cox

  • Grace Anderson

Jackie Scott

  • Liz Sanchez

Coach Bolton

  • Nathan Haug

Mr. Tenny

  • Caleb Bennett

Ripper/Grunge Kid

  • Sal Battiata

Mongo/Grunge Kid

  • Dakota Lizerbram


  • Brandon Feffer


  • Piper Bingham


  • emmerson Roberts


  • Bennett Selby


  • Abriela Rodriguez


  • Abriela Rodriguez
  • Bennett Selby
  • Brandon Feffer
  • Dakota Lizerbram
  • emmerson Roberts
  • Piper Bingham


  • Annabelle Fait
  • Bennett Selby
  • Charlotte Fait
  • emma welch
  • emmerson Roberts
  • Kaleigh Rodriguez
  • Madeline Wigdahl
  • Megan Clardy
  • Nina Sanchez
  • Ruby Kloer


  • Abriela Rodriguez
  • Cassidy Gile
  • Chloe Johnston
  • Claire Murphy
  • Elden Wellington
  • Ila Schwartz
  • Julia Atkins
  • Kai Kouretchian
  • Kalia Schempp
  • Lucy Gile
  • Meghan Murphy
  • Noah Wigdahl
  • Savanah Underdahl
  • Shayne Conner


  • Campbell Reyes
  • Ella Davis
  • Elly Hamilton
  • Gracie Mineiro
  • Isabella Thierry
  • Izzy Hamilton
  • Joseph Stary
  • Keegan McGowan
  • Lilly Evans
  • Piper Bingham


  • Alexander Bobowski
  • Brandon Feffer
  • Dakota Lizerbram
  • Kai Kouretchian
  • Sal Battiata

Grunge Kids

  • Alexander Bobowski
  • Caleb Bennett
  • Itzel Meza-Ruiz
  • K├Ąthe Andranian
  • Leah Fast
  • Maia Stevenson
  • Raya Dussaud
  • Van wornkey

JV Cheerleaders

  • Anika Lugo Groening
  • elle battiata
  • Kylee Fait
  • Sienna Gasparrelli

Thespian Tappers

  • Annabelle Fait
  • Bennett Selby
  • Brandon Feffer
  • Charlotte Fait
  • Madeline Wigdahl
  • Megan Clardy
  • Nina Sanchez
  • Ruby Kloer

Stage Manager

  • Cody Dahlquist


  • Addie Granger
  • Anna Travasos
  • Ayla Boose
  • Bella Chacon
  • Emery Mundis
  • Hannah Christenson
  • Jordy Feffer
  • Juliann Henderson
  • Kacey Henderson
  • Lauren Littejohn
  • Lily Thomas
  • Nathan Catledge
  • Savannah Hogan
  • Sienna Hogan